House Cleaning

Domestic CleaningIf you are an ordinary person who struggles to make ends meet and have one or possibly two jobs that consume all of your time and energy, you probably do not have much of each remaining to spend on the chores that await you once you come home. Our cleaning agency can help you with these – all you need to is call us and we will send one of our trained and experienced professionals right away to help you with your chores. The great news is that we will not even charge you something that you cannot pay. Nowadays the prices in the cleaning industry are quite affordable for anyone.

Current Discounts

Service Price
Domestic Regular Cleaning £16/h
One Off House Cleaning £16/h
Deep Cleaning £18/h
Carpet Cleaning - Bedroom from £23

Carpet or upholstery cleaning minimum call out charge 48GBP

Call us now! 020 3475 8347

Carpet or upholstery cleaning minimum call out charge 45GBP

Call us now! 020 3475 8347

We also struggle to achieve the greatest flexibility. Hiring us, you will get the chance to choose what exactly you want to have done around your home. While most people go for the so-called regular cleaning procedure, you can also choose to ask our employee for something different. In this case, you will need to come with a list of requests in advance. The regular procedure includes the vacuuming of all the floors and walls in your home, and the dusting of surfaces. In addition, all the surfaces will be cleaned with a special cleaning agent that is guaranteed to get great results and not put your health at jeopardy.

No maid can get you the results our employees will achieve. All of our employees are trained cadres with a lot experience behind them. We have trained each of them to answer to the standards that are accepted in the cleaning industry as best. You do not have to worry if you do not have in your home a good vacuum cleaner or if you do not have any cleaning chemicals lying around. We buy these and our cleaning technicians come equipped with them. The technology and chemicals are the best on the market and have been picked with the aim of maximum effectiveness and harmlessness to human health.

The cleaning process can take some time and is likely to be noisy. So, instead of being present while it takes place, you can just leave your keys at our office before going to work in the morning, and come to pick them up when you are through with the work for the day.

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